Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"It's so groommy you will not teach us any more."

One of my classes gave me a memory book about our time together.  Each student wrote a page; the front has a picture and all their personal info (you know -- favorite color, phone number, e-mail, blood type...), and on the back they wrote me notes.

Their notes were so sweet.  Here's a little sample:
"I remember the first time I saw you.  You looked a little serious but still smiled all the time.  Then, we became closer and we often came to your apartment and played lots of games and free talks. 
The first time I came to your apartment was to eat hot pot, from which I knew you didn't like meat.  (Actually, I like meat just fine.)
The second time was to take interesting pictures at your apartment.  At that time, I knew you had been to many different parts of the world and your quite different experiences from us.  
The third time was to have dress-up dinner, from which I knew the food you liked and I were very happy to help in the kitchen because I knew nothing about how to cook.  
The fourth time, maybe, was to dye Easter eggs, from which I knew you were very considerate and creative.  
The next time to your apartment will be tomorrow, to see your empty apartment, where we have lots of unforgettable memories together.  I hope I won't cry and I hope you won't either."
Aww.  How could anyone not be happy teaching students who are just so nice?  As always, there were a few priceless quotes:
"It's so groommy that you will not teach us any more."
"You are very beautiful and have a great figure, but I rarely see you wear skirt.  It's a little pity.  I believe you'll become more charming wearing beautiful skirt."
"A bit excited and nervous so write the wrong number." (From a girl who wrote her birthday wrong.)
"I hope you could find your right person early and I think he is a man who is very handsome and gentleman." (A common theme.  I will find my "Mr. Right" (aka my "ideal person" or my "real boyfriend") soon if these girls have anything to do with it.)
Even though there were a few funny notes, most of them were heartfelt and touching, and I loved them all.
"How soft and beautiful our memories are!  How I don't wanna let u go!  How I will miss u!  May you have a peaceful and wonderful life.  I love you!"
Parting is such sweet sorrow.


  1. It is a little pity. Sigh. If you did, Mr. Right might come along... :-)

    Just kidding!! But, hey, I'd love to be complimented on my figure from students!

  2. Sometimes when they compliment me on my figure, they mispronounce it and it sounds like "finger."