Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What are China's Hot Topics?

Abortion.  Gun control.  Government over-spending.  Increasing political partisanship.  Gay marriage.  The role of the military.  Unemployment.

These are all hot topics... in America.  And there are many more, because hey -- we're Americans!  We like a bit of controversy, whether we admit it or not, and arguing about politics is part of our national character.

Have you ever wondered what the hot topics are in other countries?  In China, sometimes it's hard to know what topics people disagree about because dissension, discontent, and public discussion of sensitive issues are NOT encouraged here.  However, to my surprise, students are allowed to debate extremely sensitive topics in a big debate competition my teammate recently coached some of our students in in Beijing.

Reading the propositions gives you an idea of some of the big and little issues facing China these days.  You can read the short summary (with pictures) HERE on Mallary's blog.

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