Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Free Talk: Picnic

I've never gone on a picnic with my students, so I scheduled a picnic free talk yesterday.  It was the PERFECT day to be outside.  An early morning rain had evaporated into a bright and breezy afternoon and the grass fairly glowed in the sunshine.

The students came by after their classes to prepare sandwiches in my apartment, and then we slung a few big blankets over our shoulders and went off to find a nice place in the overgrown lawn behind the all-purpose building.  

We got our share of stares from the crowds of students passing by on the walkways threading through our picnic paradise, and my picnic group enjoyed being the object of such envy and fascination.  I think (but can't be sure) they liked the sandwiches, and they quite handily devoured the bananas and cookies I put out.  I had a great time and am hoping for an equally lovely day when the sophomores' turn rolls around on Saturday.

Making sandwiches.  I kept having to swoop in and avert peanut butter disasters.  They were trying to put it with things like ham, lettuce, and chicken salad.

Jody said she was taking a picture of Conrad so we all got out of the way.  But apparently not out-of-the-way enough, and now it looks like Conrad is repulsive and my legs have no owner.

Later that evening, I got an e-mail from the girl in stripes:
Thank you for your picnic. I enjoyed it a lot.

On the road back to our classroom, Catherine, Lily and I talked about it, and we all liked it very much, but we felt sorry that we didn’t take the chips you prepared for us. We Chinese often feel shy when we receive some presents from others. And I hope this didn’t make you feel sad or angry. I am sorry.
It's funny sometimes the things students worry about that I never even notice.  Should I tell them the chips had been laying around my apartment for a few days and I just threw them in at the last minute because they seemed so picnic-y?  And should I mention I was secretly hoping no one would touch them so I could try out the cheese dip my aunt just sent me?

I just sacrificed a whole bag of Lays to that cheese dip and it was delicious. 


  1. That looks so fun---makes me want to buy some Lays and go on a picnic!

  2. Love this idea! I might steal it.