Thursday, November 4, 2010

China's Changing Values

China’s Changing Values
By a junior English major

Thanks to the two fundamental state policies in China – the economic-reform and opening-up policy, China’s economy has increased drastically with people’s values changed. Before 1978, China is backward and lacks contact and communication with the world, so people tend to be reserved and traditional. For example, several decades ago, people didn’t want to have daughters, because in their view, daughters will marry someone one day and leave home to live with her husband. Also, they think girls are less stronger than boys, girls can’t help a lot in farming. So at that time, a lot of parents would be so cruel as to desert the baby, just because she was a girl. But now things have changed. People begin to like girls, because they think girls are sweet, adorable, and filial, they can bring happiness to the family. Thus even the baby the parents have was a girl nowadays, the parents will treat her as precious pearls.

I also noticed that people holds a more open attitude towards new things. They begin to accept new things naturally, because they realize the world is making progress everyday, if you refuse to accept the changes in the world and don’t try to keep up with the pace, you will be left behind. Just like the Opium War, the Qing Dynasty government were immersed in what they have at that time and refust to accept the new technologies, so the imperialist can conquer China so easily. People learned the importance of opening-up and developing. That’s why nowadays people focused on education so much. They would like to pursue a higher education abroad and study the latest technology.

China’s Changing Values

By a junior English major

In 1978, Deng Xiaoping, one of the greatest designer for China’s development, carried out the “Open and Reform” policy. Since then, China has gone through a course of transitions. Changes, and innovations have been taken in many fields.
Thus, people’s values become more diversified.

The biggest change takes place in the economic field. In the past, our government followed the Soviet policy and took a dominant role in the economy. Compared with those follow-suit complements, the new doctrine Chinese government adopted, which takes base in both market and government, makes China a strong economy.
Ensuing the changing economic values comes the altered political attitudes. In old days, China was closed to the majority, only associated with few communist countries. Nowadays, China entertains flexible political policies. Still, there are no eternal enemies, neither friends.

Apart from these two main changing values, Chinese citizens have varied values. People get a more progressive attitude towards life and work. Cities take on new appearances. You can never imagine what it would be like in another 35 years! China is in motion!

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