Sunday, November 7, 2010

China's Changing Countryside

China’s Changing Countryside
By a junior English major

China’s countryside has been changing quickly and hugely in every aspect.

Ten years ago, there were few electric appliances in villiager’s house, except for the TV. However, recently years many villiagers in China’s countryside have computers, refrigerators in their homes besides the TV. Ten years ago, people in countryside use public telephone to communicate with relatives, but now villiagers have their own mobilephones. That is more convenient.

When you walk into a countryside in China, you’ll no longer see the muddy streets. Instead, you probably will see electrical bicycles or even cars driving on the road. Most villiagers have apartment in city. Villiagers, especially women, started to decorate themselves. They make up, and dress as the way city people do.

What’s more, villiagers pay more attention to their children’s education. They send their children to good schools to learn knowledge, in order to reduce the gap between their children and city children.

Besides, villiagers try to live their life in a more healthy way. They gradually know how to absorb nutrition from foods. There are more dicilous food in villiagers dinner table.

As the society develop, the countryside in china will be changing more.

China’s Changing Countryside

By a junior English major

I choose this article because I was born in the countryside and I have been living there for almost 21 years. I saw the changings and felt the changings. Let me tell you what did the countryside look like several years ago.

People living in countryside 15 years ago were poor. They lived a hard life. Women, old people did farming in the fields and men went out to find ways to make money. There was no tar coated road in my village and car was rare to see. Once I remembered that my grandma took me to see cars because I wanted to draw one. We walked almost about miles of mud road, then I saw many trucks.

I didn’t know how, but after I going to the school, things have changed a lot. Lots of men and women made a tar coated road in my village. They even build storied house. My family also moved to a new house. It was a two storied building. They year before last year, we moved to a higher building. My father even bought a Ford car. Yes, people now are living a happy life. The life does not means too hard to us. Besides working, people now learn entertainment. They have walk in the park, go to supermarket, go to library and watch movies.

Years before, the colour of China’s countryside was gray. But now, you can see the colourful countryside. China’s economy is growing fast and the government are paying much attention to the countryside. As a result, China’s countryside changed a lot. I hope the countryside as also as China would be better and better.

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