Wednesday, November 3, 2010

China is Changing!

When I did my teacher training last year, a presenter introduced the concept of "China Speed" -- China changes four times faster than Western countries.

I'm not sure you can really put a number on it, but China does change fast. Here's a small example: You can buy a juice at your favorite little convenience store one day, and return the next day to find that it has vanished. A month later there's a new store.

At the beginning of the year, I assigned my students to write a short composition about one of these topics:
  • China's changing values
  • China's changing traditions
  • China's changing family
  • China's changing economy
  • China's changing educational system
  • China's changing countryside
  • China's changing cities
I've been wanting to share some of these with you, and given the questions raised in the comments of my last point, this seems like a great time. It's gonna be an "In Their Own Words" week here on the blog... Enjoy!

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