Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Summer is a season for show"

After May 1, students finally started shedding jackets, long underwear, and sweaters.  People in China often choose their clothes based on the season rather than the temperature, so now apparently it's the season for lighter clothes.  Many of the girls are now walking around in skirts and shorts; some are modest, and some are extremely short with black hose underneath.  A male student commented on this phenomenon:
Summer is a season for show, the girls.  Every time I walk on campus the numerous female mini-skirts and short-shirts are flying in my eye.  Frankly speaking, I often appreciate their dressing in a silent way...
This entry was appropriately titled "Swimming in a Sea of Hotness," which is one of my favorite lines written by a student, ever.


  1. I love it! I wish I had written something with that title or had a read something with that title. It's amazing! I totally cracked up and then had to read it out loud for Jessica to explain my crazy, random laughter. "Swimming in a Sea of Hotness" Hahahahaha!!!!