Thursday, December 3, 2009

Were you an active student?

One of my students asked me today what kind of student I was like. Was I quiet or did I raise my hand and participate in class? In fact, I was a fairly passive student. You don't need to participate to learn, right? However, now that I teach, I tend to think that my students aren't learning unless they participate. Hello, hypocrisy.

My student said that she guessed I was a quiet student, because I'm sort of a quiet teacher. My students often comment on the fact that I'm more subdued than the other foreign teachers. For example, my teammate Tarah majored in theater. She is outrageously expressive in class, and the students love it. My other teammate, Lisa, isn't quite as dramatic in class, but she's always outgoing, friendly, and full of hugs for her students. I find myself wishing I had a more active personality. Hello, envy.

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  1. Alison, I love the way you write about your experiences and express the love you have for your students. Of course you know that there are many parts of the body. Your style is uniquely yours to fulfill your special purpose. Clearly your students love you. Be you. Rejoice in who your father has made. Your positive attitude so impresses me. I have battled depression most of my life - the medical kind. I could easily envy you, but I am going to choose to rejoice in who you are and that I am priveleged to know you.
    love, Christa