Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Today I taught my last class of the semester. Finals are next week. If I close my eyes and conveniently forget the stacks of grading I have to do, I can almost believe I'm on break already.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the next day is Christmas. I'm excited! Although I live in a mostly secular country, Christmas festivities are still not lacking:

Sunday was the "Fair Ladies' Club" Christmas party, complete with balloon-bedecked fake Christmas tree.
Tonight was a holiday banquet hosted by the university president to thank the foreign teachers from our two campuses.
Tomorrow I will sup with my teammates (sup! hehehe), and then we'll take a cab across town to check out the church's service.
Christmas day we will gorge ourselves on Christmas brunch and calls to America.
The next day, we're having a potluck for all the foreign teachers in the building.

I love Christmas! And having a couple packages from home makes it even better -- Thanks to my family, friends, and Trinity!

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