Saturday, December 12, 2009

Leaf Sweeping

Wednesdays are cleaning days here at Qufu Normal University. None of the students have afternoon classes, so they are expected to clean their classrooms, their campus, and their dorm rooms. They will be fined if their dorm room isn't clean enough. When I dismiss my Wednesday morning class at noon, within minutes there are students standing on chairs cleaning windows, wiping down the black board, and dusting the sill by the building door.

I wanted to share these pictures with you, which show the wide brooms that are always used to sweep leaves and trash. I've never seen a rake here. (I've also seen these wide brooms being used on snow and even on water.)

Don't you love seeing those bright winter coats on a rainy December day?

1 comment:

  1. It is very bright and cheerful! I like that about Chinese people - no dull colors for coats and umbrellas. It makes the less pleasant weather seem more bearable.

    I like the brooms - that's what I want for Christmas :) They obviously do a really good job - in the last picture, the girl is very serious about getting every leaf and piece of trash.

    Are they assigned certain areas? Where do they get the supplies and equipment? How does it all work?