Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Truth, Dares, and Sushi at Golden Beach

To anyone trying to decide where to go to college:  Attention!  Choose a college by the sea.

This public service announcement was inspired by a recent beach party our friends from the student fellowship invited us to join.  They took us to a part of the beach I have never been to (Golden Beach), just two or three miles from campus.

There were other large groups having parties all around us, and several had bonfires or fireworks.  The weather was perfect, and we stayed until after dark.  The whole time I was thinking that if I was a student, that's how I would want to spend every weekend night... Just laughing with my friends, listening to the sound of the waves as we watch softly glowing wish lanterns float off over the city.

Enjoy the photos and stories!

They rented two-person bicycles (by far the trendiest way for our students to get to the seaside)

Some of the students had spent all afternoon making sushi for our party

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, no Chinese party is complete without games.

First there was a Pictionary-like game in the sand:

Choosing teams before Pictionary

Then there was a game where someone was supposed to hum a tune while gargling and then pass along the tune (like Telephone) until the last team member guessed the song.  It didn't really work that well:

Gargling out a song

Fireworks from other student groups

For the last game, we all sat in a circle and someone spun a bottle.  Sara and I (having never learned words like "dare" in Chinese) didn't realize at first that the game was Truth or Dare.

We soon caught on.  They'd spin the bottle and the person it landed on had to decide to answer a question or take a dare.  Here were the dares:

-Go up to a random man on the beach and tell him "I love you"
-Run down to the ocean and back

At one point, a group of giggling students from some other party on the beach invaded our circle and made one of their members sing us a song.  Apparently we were not the only beach-goers playing Truth or Dare.

The truth questions were almost all related to love.

-Do you have a boyfriend?
-How many girlfriends have you had?
-What is your ideal husband?
-Tell us about this girl we keep hearing about but who you insist does not exist.
-What do you think of Philip?

It was funny to watch the diplomatic way they handled the love questions; they really didn't divulge anything they didn't want to.  For example, one girl was asked which boy in their fellowship she liked the best.  She giggled for awhile and then said, "Jesus."  Boom.  Another boy was dared to walk around the outside of the circle and touch the shoulder of the girl he thought had the nicest figure.  He walked around the circle and touched every girl's shoulder, saying that they all had wonderful figures.

When my roommate chose to answer a truth question, here is what she got: "How old were you when you stopped wetting the bed?"  Hahahaha.

We Americans come from the land of diapers and Pull-ups so the question doesn't make as much sense.  But in China babies don't wear diapers much, so all kids wet the bed, until they don't. 

When my roommate told the students she was never a bed-wetter, they quickly changed their question and made her talk about love.

Truth or Dare

As the evening ended, they lifted up the graduating seniors and all sang a song together.  I'm so thankful we got invited along.

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