Sunday, June 24, 2012

SuoNa Recital

My roommate found a student from the music department to teach her to play the erhu, a traditional two-stringed instrument.  Recently that student participated in a recital in the music department and invited my roommate.  I tagged along.

It turned out to be the senior recital of a guy who plays the suo na, another traditional instrument which is held a bit like a trumpet but I think is more similar to the oboe.  I was surprised how loud it was.  (It also made cool bird noises in some of the songs.)

I was also surprised that this senior recital included a hostess in a dazzling golden gown and many other musicians (including my roommate's teacher).  The last few songs were played with a full ensemble of traditional instruments -- very cool.

The opening number was very clang-y and dissonant.

At one point we also heard this guy on the erhu.

Lots of traditional instruments here

Various strings.  Can anyone name them?  Also flutes in the back.

The erhu section, with a gu zheng on the right

Here's a clip for your enjoyment:

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