Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My impressions of Calcutta:  A busy city, with people, shops, stray dogs, random cows, colorful buses, and more.  My favorite spots were the streets en route to the Mother House and Prem Dan, the flower market by the Howrah bridge, the Victoria Memorial, and our hangouts near touristy Sudder Street:  The Sunshine Store (where the owners served up chai and conversation every time we went), Raj's Spanish Cafe, and the South Indian restaurant called Dosas 'N' More.  I don't think it would be a great city to stay in if all you wanted to do was see tourist attractions, but for our purposes, Calcutta was wonderful.  Enjoy the pics!

Park Circus train station and slums near our morning volunteer spot

Pedestrians on Howrah Bridge

The flower market, where you can purchase colorful ropes of flowers for your offerings, altars, and temples

Flower market

Ferrying across the Hooghly River

Small shop. Many shopkeepers sit like this with their wares.

My travel buddies at Dosas 'N' More

Bicycle rickshaw

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