Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Qufu Scavenger Hunt

We are immersed in five days of required team-building time.  Today's assigned activity was a photo scavenger hunt around Qufu, which I will share with you by giving you the requirement followed by the photo.

2.  Team in a taxi (one of you pretending to drive)

3.  Team each with a different piece of fruit

5.  Team in front of your school's university sign

6.  Team with FuWas (Olympics mascots), or Shanghi Expo mascots

11.  Team trying to stand in line at the post office

12.  Team near a campus landmark

13.  Team on bikes

14.  Someone on team standing by an ATM

15.  Everyone on team holding a cell phone

18.  Someone in a tree with a banana

19.  Someone in a barber's chair looking like they are getting their hair cut, or whole team getting hair washed together

22.  Team each reading a book in your lending libraries

27.  Team using the equipment in an exercise park

28.  Team with a place of historical and/or cultural significance in your city

There you have it!  We enjoyed our day exploring Qufu, and included many activities that weren't on the list.  Mallary said at lunch that she really likes this town, and I agree.


  1. I call foul...Tarah appears to be holding a banana for her cell phone!

  2. I also see Chip reading his book upside down ;-) By the way, I like the idea of exercise parks! Do people (as in, adults) use them?

  3. Emily -- true, I didn't notice that.

    Karen -- yes. No wonder he looks so confused by his "Idiot's Guide to Public Speaking." Yes also to the exercise park question. Middle aged and older adults use them, often in the morning. They have the same equipment (same color, even) all over China.

  4. I decided I liked your new teammates because of the two things happening that Emily and Karen are calling fouls. The banana cell phone and the upside-down book are definite indications of funny people. My kind of people :)