Sunday, September 26, 2010

How I Spent Mid-Autumn Day

Ah, Mid-Autumn Day, that elusive fall holiday that obeys the whims of the lunar calendar.  It's a day of gathering with family, or, if that should prove impossible, gazing at the same moon.  It's a day of eating and exchanging mooncakes, the fruitcake of the Middle Kingdom.

Here is how I spent my holiday:

First, I had lunch with the French teacher and the Chinese French teacher's family.  We ate at a restaurant called "True Beef," in which most of the dishes had beef.  I tried some new cuts: tail, tendon, and tongue!  This was a fun meal and I was happy to spend part of the day with a Chinese family.

Later a group of my former students, now seniors, came over to celebrate the holiday.  We had a meal and then played "Four on a Couch."

And of course, we all ate mooncakes.  My favorite flavor this year was date.  But that doesn't mean I like mooncakes.

The end.

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  1. That mooncake tradition sounds so much like the Christmas fruitcake tradition there was when I was growing up. Neighbors would make fruitcake that was full of nuts and jellied stuff (stuff we couldn't even figure out) and give it to our family at Christmas. None of us kids would eat any of it. Grandma B. dutifully made fruitcake as well, but HERS actually tasted good and so we ate hers! No one gives fruitcake any more around here---so maybe mooncakes will some day be a distant memory in China as well!