Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Shandong Thanksgiving

What happens when 20 English teachers from North America descend on a Chinese city for Thanksgiving? Food. (Also, fun and fellowship.)

Highlights from Rizhao, in no particular order:

-Hiking up a nearby hill
-Playing Apples to Apples
-Reuniting with friends from training
-Eating pie
-Staying with the wonderful Sara Gawronski
-Singing praises together
-Seeing the hills and terraced farms on the bus ride there
-Hearing what God is doing throughout our province
-Septupling the size of my team, if only for a weekend
-Experiencing hospitality
-Reading the Thanksgiving cards made by team Rizhao's students
-Smelling baking dinner rolls

Lowlights from Rizhao:

-Doing dishes


  1. Yes, this sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving--would have been perfect if you had incorporated the traditional potato activity made infamous by your uncles!

  2. Yes! Playing Apples to Apples! I love it!

    Did you get a picture of you by the mound of dishes? I love that photo from our first HC Thanksgiving!