Thursday, August 20, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor?

Chinese word of the day: 北京 Beijing.  Beijing means "north capital."  (This is because it is the capital, and it is in the north).  The character 北 (bei) is also in the name of the street I live on, Beiwa Lu.  Here is a shot of Beiwalu (A) in relation to the rest of Beijing, with the city center marked at Tiananmen Square (B): 

And now a few shots to show you my life in Beijing for the past four weeks.  Here is Beiwa Lu in front of my hotel.  The RuYi is on the left:

The Wu Mart across the street, where I get groceries, laundry detergent, and cookies:

My fruit vendor:

And now, a little something special.  You suffice to be hot?

My team leader, Lisa, is here in Beijing now, too, and I got to have dinner with her yesterday.  Tomorrow, all the rest of the returning teachers will arrive, and the RuYi will be overrun with foreigners.  I'm starting to feel a little sad to be leaving Beijing and the friends I've made here.  It's only been 5 weeks since I said my goodbyes and packed my bags to go to Colorado, and only 4 weeks since I packed my bags to come here.  This weekend I'll pack up for one final journey -- my move to Qufu!  Please be thinking of me as I make this final transition.


  1. Like your "word of the day" postings. I may share these with some students. Hope you have a smooth transition to Qufu.

  2. I AM thinking of you as you make this final transition!! I have no doubts that the strength given to you will be perfect...