Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Qing Ming Jie

Today is Qing Ming Jie, which literally means "Day of Clear Brightness" but is usually called in English "Tomb Sweeping Day."

It's a day for remembering ancestors, caring for their graves, and burning money and other stuff to send them in the after-life.  People burn fake paper money, among many other fake paper things.  Joann explains it well in this post: Hell Money.

So far today I've gone to the seaside with some student friends.  The weather is nice and there were dozens of kites dotting the blue sky above the beach. 


  1. I'm still disappointed that you caught my prank of slipping in a Hell's Bank Note with the small bills I gave you before leaving China.

    1. Maybe we should have saved it to burn for a great-great-great-someone from our past.