Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tong Tong and Lai Lai at Coffee House

Each month, my team hosts a get-together for our Chinese colleagues and their families.  There are snacks, drinks (hence the name - "Coffee House"), and a craft for the kids. 

This has never been my most favorite team activity.  I can't keep anyone's name straight, and it's two hours of small talk in a noisy, crowded room.  But it may be slowly growing on me in spite of the chaos.

Yesterday, my teammate organized a St. Patrick's theme for Coffee House.  The kids got to decorate a shamrock sugar cookie, I made green Kool-Aid, and we all wore green.  Against this nice backdrop arrived two crazies who burst into the apartment roaring at the top of their lungs at promptly 7:00.  They spilled stuff, yelled across small spaces, stuffed their faces with snacks, and colored like the world was about to end.

These boys are our two little neighbors, Tong Tong (in kindergarten) and Lai Lai (in pre-school).  Individually they're cute, mischievous, and questionably behaved.  Together, they're a force. 

(But as long as they're not kicking me or breaking any of my stuff, they still make me laugh.)

Here are some photos from yesterday's coffee house, featuring Tong Tong, Lai Lai, and the rest of us.

Jason grabbed Tong Tong and Lai Lai grabbed his mother's camera (which he's already broken once!)*

Harrison helping them color.  The whole time, Tong Tong was yelling about how fast he was coloring.

Decorating cookies!*

Lai Lai was relatively sedate when working on his cookie.*

Some of the other kids at the cookie table.  The little girl spent 20 minutes on each cookie.

We told everyone to wear green.  If they didn't, Jason tried to get them to wear his green hat.  Why the funny faces?  Because wearing a green hat means your wife is cheating on you.*

At one point, Tong Tong sat down on the arm of the couch, crossed his legs, and ate his snacks like a king on his throne:

Crazy kids!
*Thanks to my teammates for these photos. :)

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