Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ron Who?

Any Ron Paul fans out there?  Jon Stewart puzzles over why Ron never gets any media love:

Skip to the 1:00 mark for the video to start.


  1. I saw this too. If anyone still thought Fox was "fair and balanced" this proves otherwise!

  2. I don't see what conservatives have to gain by ignoring Ron Paul, since he stands for a lot of things that most Republicans claim to support. Hooray for smaller government!

  3. I agree, and I think the reason is that the republican party doesn't have a conservative track record, despite what they say in election years. They have been taken over by the neoconservative ("Neo-con") movement, i.e. progressivists in disguise. The Tea Party isn't perfect but at least they have started exposing that... Both Fox and CNN create two false extremes (liberal vs. conservative) and pit them against each other while never focusing on the chain of causation that got us in this mess. Then when someone rises above the partisan politics (Ron Paul), they try to shut him up... We need to pray for America!