Monday, July 4, 2011

End of the Year Photo Extravaganza

Here's a peek at what I've been up to for the last two or three weeks.

Seniors' Graduation Party / Performance:

Foreign Teacher Goodbye Party given by freshmen and sophomores:


Watching our students sing at the CCP 90th anniversary Red Song competition:

Cleaning out our organization's English lending library:

Saying goodbye to teacher friends:

Saying goodbye to seniors:

Open House and Stuff Give-away at my apartment:

Hanging out with the student fellowship:

Dinner with our foreign affairs officers:

Year-end banquet with school officials and foreign teachers:

Goodbye meals and messages with students:

Packing and moving:

Planning my summer travel details:

Sending off teammates:

And of course, giving and grading final exams.  I'm headed to my office now to (hopefully) finish up for the year!


  1. KEVIN! Baha...seeing that picture makes the story you told me so much funnier.

  2. I need the story too - what was Kevin doing in that photo?!

  3. Well, he and the girls are doing a modeling performance. At the end, Kevin walks down the catwalk, pauses at the end, unbuttons his shirt (revealing a wifebeater) and throws his shirt into the audience. I was sitting next to one of the Chinese teachers (40+ and married) when he did this during rehearsal, and she went crazy. It was pretty funny.