Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dancin' on the Train

First, watch this:

The video was made by a couple teachers from my organization who live up in the Northeast, which everyone seems to love even though it's colder than cold.  Awesome video.  Now I will ruin (or enhance?) it by giving you some Chinese culture notes:

1)  You usually ride in front with the cab driver -- I think I just told you that a few posts back.

2)  Chinese trains have 4 classes: Soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat, and hard seat.  If they are all sold out, never fear!  You can buy a hard seat ticket even if there are no seats, and stand for the duration of the ride.  Some students do this even for 10 or 15 hour train rides.
"The seats are sold out so we'll have to get a soft sleeper. / Let's get a standing ticket; it will be a lot cheaper."
The train featured in the video has none of these classes, because it's not a long distance train.  I think it's a city rail or something.

3)  Did you catch the correct pronunciation of "Beijing" and "Shanghai"?

4)  I love the waiting room!  It's really like that:
"Could take a seat if there were any more free, but everybody's lying down and so they're taking up three."
5)  Description of a Chinese crowd (watch out for elbows!):
"Everyone hurries just to get to the door so they can stand in line and count the time and wait some more...  pushing and shoving..."
6)  Their students are so cute.  They did a great job!

Now watch it again.  And again.  Enjoy!


  1. That is amazing! Are the Chinese people that they got involved their students?

  2. WOW! was that a real song before?? super creative. :-) hehe.

  3. This is great! I'm so impressed! I loved it - I might just watch it again and again... :)

  4. Yeah, it seems like those are their students. And the song is original, which makes it even better.