Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still Stateside... For 3 More Days

Chinese word of the day: zhong guo 中国

Zhong Guo is how you say "China" using Mandarin Chinese. It means "Middle Kingdom" or "Middle Country." Isn't that great? Hearing the words
Middle Kingdom turns my mind to more ancient times, to the days of great walls and dynasties.

My journey to the Middle Kingdom really began months ago. I made the decision to move to China for two years as a college English teacher, and have been preparing ever since. I'm so grateful for the team of people who have encouraged and supported me along the way. That's one reason I decided to start this blog -- to give you a taste of the adventure you are a part of.

We new teachers (50 or 60 of us, including a few families) began our five weeks of training on Monday. We are in Greeley, Colorado for the first week, and it's been good. Our days are filled with administrative sessions, cultural relations training, learning about the organization we're a part of, spending time in the word, etc. Training will continue in Beijing. We fly at 6:13 a.m. on Tuesday, the 29th!

Can you find Qufu? Look in the east, between Beijing and Shanghai.

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  1. What an incredible experience you are having. We are proud of your commitment in helping others learn the English language. Keep safe!